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Student Life

"All other factors however sink into insignificance beside the importance of feeding the hungry intelligence, and opening vast fields of knowledge to eager exploration." - Maria Montessori

Sunrise and Sunset Clubs

At Mater Amoris we believe that Montessori is a way of life. Therefore, we strive to make all of  your child’s time on campus enriching and purposeful. The activities offered before and after the academic portion of the day during the Sunrise and Sunset Clubs are planned and led by Montessori trained guides. They are implemented with the same care and attention that lessons are given with.

During the Sunrise Club, children work on individual or collaborative activities outdoors. These may include gardening, crafts, sports, or reading. 

Offerings during the Sunset Club include Field Hockey, yoga, and music. Children are able to spend more time with their peers while developing their interests and skills and having fun!


Nature Education

Our nature education program is led by a Montessori trained guide. The entire breadth of our 13-acre campus is utilized as children work in the woods, care for animals, garden, and examine the flora and fauna which make up our environment. Children learn about the natural world that surrounds them, and they develop a love and appreciation for the earth while becoming stewards of nature.

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Performing Arts

The performing arts program at Mater Amoris helps children develop a wide range of skills as well as an appreciation for a variety of musical styles from different cultures and time periods. Our rich program includes singing, dancing, theater, poetry and instrumental music. 

We host two student performances per year - a holiday program in December and a musical production in the Spring. In addition to being onstage, children have opportunities to participate in behind-the-scenes experiences, such as set design and costume development, providing them with a comprehensive view of the many elements of performing arts.


Physical education at Mater Amoris promotes personal health and fitness while also exposing children to a wide range of sports and games. Physical education activities are woven into the classroom curriculum each day.  These activities include individual skill-building activities such as stretching, endurance training, throwing and catching, hula hoop, and jump rope.  A variety of sports are incorporated throughout the school year, including soccer, volleyball, kickball, and baseball.

Field hockey is offered during the Sunset Club. This sport gives students an opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination, improve balance and stamina, and develop an understanding of team play. They also develop focus and gain a higher level of skill and confidence, which helps them on and off the field. Many field hockey skills are also transferable to other sports, such as golf, tennis, soccer, and lacrosse.  A number of Mater Amoris graduates have gone on to receive athletic scholarships to play field hockey at the collegiate level and a few have earned a place on the United States Olympic Field Hockey team.

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Community Service

Our children learn the importance of service through practical life activities, grace and courtesy lessons, and outreach projects. Children are encouraged to volunteer their time and energy for causes of import to them, such as supporting our neighbors in need, caring for our environment, and advocating for social justice.

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