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Financial Assistance

Mater Amoris is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment  for families of all socioeconomic statuses.  We also realize paying tuition for your child is an investment in their future as we help prepare them for adult life; socially, emotionally, and academically and we look to partner with you in that investment by offering resources to the fullest extent that we can.   As a small school, we are limited in the amount of financial assistance we offer each year and to further support our families we are partners of both BOOST Scholarships  and Maryland Excels  and we require applying to their programs if their qualifications are met.


Please apply for financial assistance at the time you apply for the school so that you are able to receive your admission decision and financial award decision at the same time. 


All awards are determined by the financial need exhibited by a family's financial statement.


To receive an award in our first round of admission decisions at the end of February, please complete your family financial statement by January 31st.

Financial Assistance Requirements

Financial Assistance awards are determined annually coinciding with re-enrollment, enrollment, and on a rolling basis as needed. Although Mater Amoris does not guarantee funding from year to year, families can expect awards to remain consistent year over year if their financial need remains comparable. Financial Aid become available in Kindergarten. Kindergarten through 3rd grade awards max at 25% of tuition. 4th-8th grade awards max at 50%.

1. If you have a two parent household, please combine incomes/ expenses into the singular column

2. If parents are divorced or not married, there will be two statements provided, one for each household. Each statement is confidential and not shared with the other household.

3. If a second household parent is not financially responsible for school tuition, please provide official documentation of this arrangement, such as the divorce or custody agreement.

4. Please provide a copy of your 2021 and 2022 tax document, once available, for verification. Awards will not be considered binding until this documentation has been verified.

5. All financial aid documents are confidential and are used by the financial aid committee only to determine an award.

6, To finalize the financial assistance award, families must apply for aid through BOOST Scholarships and/or Maryland Excels depending on age and requirements.

If you have any questions about financial assistance, please contact Beryl Chafin 


Beryl Chafin  --

Director of Admissions and

Community Engagement 

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